How can I add something to my calendar?

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Adding items to your calendar, can be done in multiple ways:

  • Using the "+" button
  • Via the calendar
  • Using the menu
  • Using the "+" button

    Click the "+" button on the top right of the screen to choose the type of activity you want to add to your calendar

    • plus button

    In the menu, select the activity type you wish to add to your calendar (training, competition, vet visit, farrier visit,...)

    • add item

    Now, follow the steps provided by EQFix. Please note that the only obliged steps are the ones where

  • you select 1 or multiple horses
  • you enter the title and timeslots for the activity
  • All other steps can be skipped without selecting anything.

    After completing all steps, you can confirm the appointment and the entry will be added to your calendar

    • confirm