Where can I find my friends?

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EQFix is not only a horse management app, it's also a social community for equestrians all over the world. Add friends to see their activities and performances!

Add an existing EQFix user to your friend list

  • Click on 'Friends' in your menu
  • Click on 'search' to look for friends who already use EQFix
  • Click on the 'add' button to send a friend request

Friend requests

  • Click on 'friends' in your menu
  • Click on 'friend requests' to see who wants to be your friend
  • Accept or refuse

Invite friends to use EQFix

  • Click on 'friends' in your menu
  • Push the 'invite your friends' button
  • Enter their e-mail address and add an optional message

If 5 of your invited friends become a part of the EQFix community, you'll get one month of premium use for free!